Benefits Of Heated Towel Rails


  • Sep 12th, 2022
  • By: nubathroom_admin

Benefits Of Heated Towel Rails

Did you know, that the benefits of a heated towel rail are not just confined to the obvious one of having a toasty warm towel.
Despite the name, heated towel rails aren’t actually designed to make your towels nice and warm – that’s just a pleasant side-effect. In fact, their primary purpose is to keep your towels dry. This can be particularly difficult in cold or humid climates, and naturally tricky in bathrooms, but a dry towel is far more hygienic.
This is down to the fact that moisture encourages the growth of germs and mould, not just within the towel fabric itself, but across the entire room. A heated towel rail makes sure moisture isn’t as much of a problem.
Heated towel rails might sound like they represent a waste of energy, but in fact the exact opposite is true. Keeping your towels dry means having to wash them less – you can even hang up clothing to save on using the tumble drier!


Fact is that germs will breed in damp towels, no matter how clean you are. Keeping your towels dry can stop this.

Keeping your towels dry means washing them less often. This not only reduces the number of laundry loads, but it also saves water and is energy efficient.

The perfect solution for storing multiple towels in your bathroom.

Imagine stepping out of your shower to fluffy dry and warm towels every time.

Our heated towel rail runs on one light bulb worth of energy. Plus with the addition of one of our digital touch screen timers you can determine exactly when you want your rails on and off.

heated towel rails

With an array of styles and finishes; from our timeless polished stainless steel, which is the perfect match to any chrome bathroom fittings. To Matt Black, the more subtle finish of Gun Metal Grey, Brushed Gold or any of our other new PVD coated colours, we have the right style & function to suit any home.

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